6 Reasons Why You Should Sleep Naked

No, this article is not (primarily) about sex, but about a simple but extremely effective sleep and health-promoting aspect that most people ignore – sleeping naked.

For this reason, in this article, I would like to explain 6 important reasons why the act of naked sleep has proven to be a healthy choice.

1. Improved Quality of Sleep

Sleep experts across the globe advise that the ideal sleeping temperature in a bedroom should be between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit (15-19 degrees Celsius) because, at this temperature, the body finds it easier to relax. Also, too cold or too hot temperatures may impact your rapid eye movement sleep, which is the dream stage of sleep that helps to refresh your brain and body.

As such, sleeping naked helps in cooling off your body and enabling you to fall asleep way easier and to get enough REM sleep.

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In cases where you like to cover yourself up while sleeping, staying naked prevents you from sweating and other forms of discomfort that the cover might cause, thus improving your sleep.

2. Maintains a Healthy Skin

Reasons Why You Should Sleep Naked

When it comes to keeping the skin healthy, sleeping without clothes helps to give the body/skin sufficient ventilation. Your armpits and genitals, which have been covered in thick clothing and sweat all day long, finally get some air. This prevents various skin diseases caused by sweaty, wet skin.

More so, several studies prove how sleeping naked helps with a healthy skin by improving your sleep quality. As such, an experiment was carried out with a group of individuals having a minor injury. The group was divided into three. One set received adequate sleep, another was deprived of sleep, and the last set was also sleep deprived but had an intake of extra nutrients.

In the end, it was observed that the group of individuals that received just adequate and aerated sleep healed faster than the other two groups. Even the extra nutrition intake didn’t help in the healing rate of the injury.
This then proves that adequate/quality sleep promotes healthy skin and in many situations, sleeping naked helps for quality sleep.

3. Regulates Cortisol Production

Having interrupted sleep affects one’s cognitive function, mood regulation, and memory processing ability during working hours. Therefore, the primary quality of a good night’s sleep is its ability to remain uninterrupted. As such, it is vital to eliminate all factors that could bring an interruption to your sleep. Be it discomfort from putting on clothes, hot temperatures or any other thing you know prevents you from sleeping.

More so, when you sleep without clothing and your body is exposed to a cooler temperature, it helps in regulating the body’s cortisol production. Cortisol is a vital body chemical that can bring about intense damage when not kept in check. As such, when you sleep in a heated environment, it keeps the body’s temperatures high and in turn, the Cortisol levels rise even after you have woken from your sleep. Now, this increased Cortisol level often leads to bad food cravings and weight gain, both of which are terribly damaging to health.

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This is why sleeping naked comes in handy as to regulate your body’s cortisol production level and improve your ability to focus properly during work hours.

4. Brings About Happier Relationships

Now with the case of individuals in a relationship, whether married or dating, sleeping naked paves the way for direct skin contact with one’s partner. An example is when it comes to cuddling. This brings about increasingly active sex life and the constant release of oxytocin (a neurotransmitter that promotes a good feeling about your partner), thereby increasing intimacy.

More so, the release of oxytocin is not only about a good feeling, but it has been found to lower the blood pressure, to give a boost to the immune system and to help reduce anxiety.

5. Improves Function of Growth Hormones

Coming back to the issue of maintaining the right sleep temperature by sleeping naked, your body can maintain a healthy level of growth hormones and the sleep hormone melatonin. One often underestimated function of the melatonin chemical in the body is to prevent or slow down the aging process.

As such, when you go to bed with clothes on and in a hot room, you begin to sweat as a result of accumulated heat. This then stops the body from making effective use of these anti-aging chemical and growth hormones. This is because the most critical body mechanisms take place during periods of rest like sleeping.

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In other words, sleeping with clothes on increases one’s chances of faster aging and inadequate growth.

6. Promotes Genital Health

6 Great health benefits of sleeping naked

Sleeping naked is also an amazing way to promote genital health and prevent the issue of yeast infection in women. A tightly fitted under cloth makes you sweating in the genital regions and thereby increasing the chances of vaginal yeast infection. This is because a warm and slightly wet place is the most favored habitat for yeast to grow. So despite whatever you wear during the day, sleeping naked is evidently the best way to allow air to dry out the vagina and keep it healthy.

But of course not only women benefit from sleeping naked. Sleeping naked leads in men to an increase in their fertility. One reason is that there seems to be a strong correlation between putting on tight underwear and a low sperm count. In this context, it has been observed that men who prefer to wear loose-fitting boxer shorts have a higher fertility rate than men who wear tight-fitting underwear.

Sleeping naked is also useful for maintaining the correct testicular temperature for improved genital health and fertility.

What to Wear When You Don’t Want to Sleep Naked?

Okay, if you are not convinced to sleep naked by now, you should at least consider what kind of clothes you choose to sleep in.

As such, when choosing a PJ for purchase, you are advised to go for one that is light and gives a natural feel. These include ones made of silk or flannel. Avoid PJs or nightgowns that are made of wool or cotton because they absorb moisture and may leave you sweating.

You should ensure your sleeping wears are always kept clean and loose. But be sure not to have them too bogus to avoid tangling up at night.

Bottom Line

With the above-mentioned tips, you don’t need to be told again that its time to start sleeping naked at night. It is without a doubt that in certain situations having clothes on is preferable, say during the winter season or whilst sick. In any situation otherwise, get rid of the clothes and give your body the freedom it requires to stay healthy and enable you to sleep better.

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