17 Most Compelling Benefits of Energy Healing

One of the main reasons why many of us keep on struggling in our life is that our traditional rational, problem-solving approaches don’t work. Here are 17 compelling reasons why you should start using your energy to heal yourself and create wellbeing in every area of your life.

1. It offers a holistic healing approach

17 most compelling benefits of energy healingWhile most healing modalities stay on the mind/thinking level, energy healing integrates all there is: your mind, your body, and your spirit. This approach allows you to take a multidisciplinary view of your health problem, and you use your mind in close collaboration with your body and your spirit.

As a result, energy healing goes beyond your particular health issue or whatever difficulties you are experiencing on a physical, mental, or emotional level. For example, if you suffer from insomnia, and you apply some simple energy healing practices, you are not only going to sleep better. You will be reconnected to your wholeness and live a healthier and happier life because you focus on your body’s complete, dynamic energy systems.

2. It allows you to experience true embodiment

In energy healing, your body plays a crucial role – but not the way you may think. The emphasis is not on healing a particular part of the body like your arm or your knee. Rather, your body acts as an essential communication tool between your mind and your spirit and is the primary vehicle to free yourself from your suffering due to an overactive, fearful mind.

How are you doing it? By going beyond the intellectual knowledge that we are made of energy. We actually have to embody our energetic nature. This process is not about getting out of your body and find the answers someplace else; it is by getting into your body that you build the necessary synchronicity to heal yourself.

3. It is effortless

The great thing about healing on the energy level is that once you get started with some basic practices, your energy takes the lead to complete the cure. There is no extra effort required from you. It really is that simple, it almost feels like that healing happens as a by-product. And that counts for every physical or mental problem you may have.

If you suffer from insomnia as I did for a long time, this may sound too good to be true to you. You have probably found sleep to be effortful, and you might have lost confidence in your ability to sleep. Most certainly, you have tried all standard sleep hygiene rules or even turned to sleep medication, but nothing has solved your sleep problem. You may also have experienced that the increased effort you put into trying to improve your sleep only seems to make it worse, and not better.

Energy healing offers an alternative approach. It helps you connect your mind, body, and spirit in a way so that sleep (or health) comes back naturally. It’s not about lengthy instructions or rules for what to do at night in trying to make sleep happen, which only results in frustration, stress, and anxiety. Instead, you run your energy without your mind’s efforts, and leave it to your energy to allow sleep to find you.

4. It is truly optimistic

Let’s face it: we are continually bombarded with the message that there is something wrong with us. We believe that we are not good enough or healthy enough or never getting enough sleep. The problem is that our mind interprets these messages as threats and so it attacks the perceived problem. It sounds insane, but we are basically attacking ourselves wich results in self-criticism and frustration.

Energy healing is a great way to end this self-blame-struggle because it is based on the idea that there is nothing wrong with you. In fact, you are perfect just the way you are; you are whole and complete, nothing is missing. This view is radically different from the traditional approach of curing, where it is to find out what’s wrong and how to fix it. In energy healing, you focus on what’s right because there was nothing wrong with you in the first place. You stop beating yourself up and regain hope and trust that ultimately all turns out in our favor.

5. It is the easiest and quickest route to health and wellbeing

Bliss - discover the easiest and quickest route to health and wellbeingOur traditional approach to healing or facing a challenge is to have our rational and strategizing mind figuring out what the problem is and how to solve it. Whereas in energy healing, you don’t have to take this often painfully time-consuming way. In fact, your mind doesn’t even have to know the problem and how the healing process works consciously.

Instead of using your thinking mind, you let your energy lead and focus directly on your body-sensation. This gives you direct access to all the required healing resources. How does it work in practice? As soon as you feel some kind of discomfort, you start running your energy by a combination of breathing exercises and simple but effective energy-based practices such as meditation. Now your energy starts moving into areas of your body where stuck, unconscious energy causes pain. When the natural energy flow is restored, you will quickly notice several positive changes which can occur on the mental, emotional, and physical level.

6. It is secure, reliable, and 100% natural

Your energy will guide you to healing and wholeness with no additional external input – and it will never fail! Why? Because you as an energy being are equipped with the natural capacity to heal yourself; you were practically designed to heal yourself. All you need to do is to look inward and use the natural energy flow within your body. This will align all the shattered, unconscious energy, calm your body and mind, and give you a tremendous feeling of security. Because your energy is never against you, it will never let you do things you don’t want.

My struggle with insomnia is a good example of that. It took me a long time until I discovered that the key to consistent, great sleep is inside me. I was born with the ability to sleep well. All I had to do is to stimulate my body’s natural healing capacities to return to that place, without the need for any additional external support or medications.

7. It is freeing and empowering

Working on your energy means turning your focus inside. It means getting into your body and grounding yourself. From this inner place, you are no longer controlled by external circumstances, and by the feeling of being a victim of what happens to you. Instead, you are getting into the driver’s seat of your life from which you experience that everything that happens is in your favor and serves your purpose. This is a real game-changer because you gain the power and freedom to choose who and how you want to be in this world.

From this empowered position, you can direct your thoughts and actions in a direction where they generate a healthy energy flow. In case you are a bit familiar with epigenetics, you may know that your environment is more important for your health than your genetic inheritance. So when you run your energy, you actually are creating an environment which offers limitless healing potential on all levels of our life.

8. It helps to remove your limiting believes

Find out if energy healing works for you tooEnergy is, by nature very dynamic; it is always moving, changing, and evolving. This is also the reason why you are evolving all the time. However, sometimes the energy stops or gets stuck. Why is that? This has to do with your belief system. When you evaluate something as important, you freeze this energy to be able to access it whenever you want or need it. This stored energy is your belief system.

The danger here is that your beliefs can become outdated and obstruct your energy flow. Especially if these are beliefs which do not serve your wellbeing – in other words, your limiting believes. You get stuck in old habits and a way of thinking which prevents you from moving on and from healing yourself.

Working on your energy helps to clear out these unhelpful limiting beliefs, which opens up the possibility to live out your true potential. Your judging mind, which used to hold you back, relaxes and gets filled up with new energy and the desire to try out something new.

You will also experience that all of a sudden, you can solve long-standing problems in your life. In fact, you start to see problems not as problems anymore but as opportunities to learn, grow, and heal.

9. It is easily accessible

Everyone can do energy healing, and it works for everyone in every circumstance at any time. It is so easily accessible because you are energy, and the healing capacity is an integral part of you. It is right here, only waiting for you to become aware of it and utilize it to serve your wellbeing. There is no distant place you need to go, and you don’t require any special qualification or extensive training to access your natural healing capacity.

And in case you think that practices that help to access your energy, like for example simple meditations are only for religious purposes but not something that can improve your health, I can assure you that’s not the case. In fact, you are more often in a meditative state than you might think. You are just not aware of it. Whenever you are paying focused attention to a particular activity like eating or falling asleep, you are basically meditating. Even running or doing your exercises in the gym are forms of meditation. And if you pay focused attention to your breath, you are automatically tapping into the energy that naturally flows inside of your body.

However, it’s also important to go in with the right expectations. Energy healing is not about tricks or gimmicks for solving all of your problems in a wink. Although spontaneous healings are possible, it is not something you only do once and then expect positive changes for the rest of your life. Remember, your energy is dynamic and changing all the time. So healing on the energy level requires regular practice. But the great thing is that most practices are not complicated and don’t require much effort. Some of them – like central channel breathing or adjusting your chakras – may only take you a few minutes per day and can still be highly effective.

10. It boosts your intuition

You may have heard that working with your energy gives you direct access to deeper wisdom. But why is that and how does it work? The answer is that in the energy world you live from your intuitive mind instead of your rational mind. Your intuition is this deep inner knowing before you know, “a sacred gift” (Albert Einstein) which guides you on your right path.

But let’s first look at how life progresses if you don’t tune into your intuition. Without intuition, you have to make a lot of stops and mistakes, and you are always guessing what the next step is. It’s a slow process because you are moving by eliminating what works and what doesn’t.

Also, you stay on the roads you already know because you are afraid to venture into unknown territory. This leads to missed opportunities and needless difficulties because you are navigating based on a set of outdated information and assumptions. The result is that you are living smaller than your true potential. You feel frustrated because you have all these skills and ambitions, and you know there is more in store for you. However, your reality tells you that your life isn’t really going anywhere.

If that sounds familiar to you, then working on your energy will make a huge difference for you. Why? Because following your energy means that you are following your intuition. Living with intuition is like driving a car with a great GPS. You just put in where you want to go, and the GPS tells you exactly where to turn and which directions to take. Your intuition is always up-to-date and knows the latest changes and obstacles on the road and takes you quickly to your destination. You make fewer mistakes, move faster, and can focus on what’s really important instead of getting disrupted by little problems.

Using your intuition rather than your rational, judging mind is also less stressful because you gain that peaceful knowingness. You don’t have to figure it all out on your own because you know that there is a plan and that you are supported. As a result, you start to make far better choices in all areas of your life: meeting the right partner in life, changing your career, starting a new business, or establishing healthy relationships. With the help of a competent and reliable compass called intuition, all these become easy decisions.

11. It provides quick stress relief

Successful stress management is also closely related to your ability to tap into your intuition. If you keep on relying mainly on your rational, logic mind, it’s tough for your mind to relax. Because the primary activity of your analyzing mind is to constantly scan the environment for potential threats. Whatever it perceives as a threat initiates your instinctive fight-or-flight response. This is a beautiful survival mechanism in life-or-death situations, but not in cases when running or fighting are not necessary. Then it only leaves you feeling terrible and desperate to escape the situation. If that’s not possible, you put up resistance, which ultimately leads to a lot of stress.

Let’s take the example of insomnia. Not sleeping sucks and of course, everyone resists to feeling exhausted all day long due to sleep deprivation. However, by resisting the sleeplessness, your mind perceives that there is some kind of crisis. This view inadvertently creates even more stress and anxiety than the initial discomfort from not being able to sleep. You get yourself into a loop of suffering that just compounds upon itself.

The key to overcoming this vicious cycle is to run your energy and let go of control. Letting go of control is profoundly liberating, yet it is also one of the hardest parts for most people because it means to stop listening to the dominant rational mind. Running your energy can be very helpful in this situation because your focus shifts from your overthinking mind to the energy flow in your body.

But it is even much more than that. As you bring your awareness into your body, you also detect where in your body you are feeling any physical, emotional, or mental discomfort. A lump in your throat, a knot in your stomach, goosebumps on your arms or getting weak at your knees – we all know these bodily sensations in response to pleasant or unpleasant experiences.

So, if the issue is showing up in your body, then that’s also the place where to look for a solution. With energy healing, you learn how to clear out any stuckness and blockages. This process helps to alleviate any of your mental, emotional, and physical sufferings and finally brings you deep inner peace.

12. It gets you into the flow

It may sound obvious that reestablishing the natural flow of energy in our body leaves us feeling more energized and aligned. But how do you exactly establish your natural flow of energy? And what actually means to run your energy?

To answer these questions, let’s first look at your physical body. Your body has different circulation channels (e.g., blood, lymph system). These act like roadways to transport blood and sensory information, absorb nutrients and expel waste products from the body.

Your energy body also has a sophisticated channel system. If you are a somehow familiar with Eastern medicine you may have heard of meridians through which the life force, known as “qi” flows. That is basically what we are talking about when we refer to our body’s energy channels. As with the channels of your physical body, one of the main tasks of your energetic system is to carry away waste. But it is also responsible for replenishing energy and is hence a determining factor for your health and vitality.

Your energy system is highly dynamic, yet it flows in structured ways. You have two primary sources for channeling energy: earth energy and cosmic energy. The earth energy runs from the center of the earth into your body by entering through your feet chakras. It then travels upward, filling your legs, up to your root chakra and returns down your grounding cord into the earth.

The earth energy validates and heals your physical body. The more aligned your eath energy is flowing, the better your body’s capability to heal naturally. The earth energy also keeps your root chakra clean, the first of your major energy center responsible for stability and security in your life. Issues like financial struggle or severe diseases like diabetes or cancer are closely linked to an unbalanced root chakra.

The second energy is the cosmic energy. The cosmic energy enters your body through the top of your head, known as your crown chakra. It rushes through a central channel in your body all the way down to your feet and out into the earth. The cosmic energy also rises up again on the front of your body through and out of your head. Plus, it splits up from your neck into both of your shoulders and flows through your arms and out of your hands into your aura, the energy field that surrounds you.

The benefits of the cosmic energy are both on the physical and on the mental side. If you charge your cosmic energy, you are feeling less grumpy, less fatigue, and more energized. You are more inspired, create more impact, and increase your creativity.

Energy healing is really about creating a balanced flow through your energy channels, chakras, and aura. The more synchronous and balanced your energy flow is, the more aligned your mind, body, and spirit, and the higher your state of wellbeing. Whereas if your energy is blocked, you’re lacking wellbeing and may suffer from pain or disease.

In a nutshell, working with your energy means sensing and increasing the essential energy within your body. And running your energy is all about restoring and maintaining a balanced energy flow. You can do this, for example, by breathing deep into your belly. This simple practice allows your energy to flow smoothly through your body’s central channel, and to activate the various energy centers along the way. It really can be as simple as a few single deep belly breaths!

And in case you worry if there is a risk of overdoing it. A definite no, you can run your energy as much as you want; there is no way that you can hurt yourself. Your energy will always act only in your best interest.

13. It ends your feeling of loneliness

17 reasons why energy healing creates wellbeingThere are many reasons why someone may feel lonely. However, I think one of the main reasons why we’re increasingly facing the problem of loneliness is that we live in a society which is extremely externally focused. Rather than creating the life we want based on our true desires, we are always referring to the outer world for approval, acceptance, and love. When we ask for love, we demand it from someone else instead of looking inside us self-compassionately. And when we fail, we tend to blame external factors which are beyond our control. We are basically thinking that our fate is in the hands of others or external circumstance.

This fear-based and externally focused thinking leaves us feeling victimized, separate, and alone because it makes our relationships with others very conditional: “I will love you only if you make me feel good about myself; you will love me only if I make you feel good about yourself.” We get stuck in the belief that love and acceptance are conditional to some benefit we’re getting out of the relationship. The sad truth is that when our relationships are conditional, we don’t really have a relationship at all.

When you start working with your energy, this perception changes completely. You go from looking outside of yourself, from sensing how others perceive you, to looking within you. And suddenly you discover that all you need to be able to live a fulfilled and happy life – including the love you are asking for – is already there, right inside of you. That is actually what the essential you is.

How does this work in practice? You have to remember that in the energy world, your body is your vehicle, and your spirit expresses itself through your body. So here we are again, it’s all about embodiment! You need to get into your body, ground yourself, and connect your body to the earth to be able to sense your essential energy and experience the abundant love within you.

That’s why energy healing practices work a lot with putting your mind’s attention on your core. As long as your focus is externally directed, you are pushing your essential energy away from your core to the surface of your energy field where it creates densities. Whereas if your attention goes deep inside of you, you anchor your energy into your body, your core becomes stronger, and your true spirit can unfold.

Now it’s no longer necessary to get external validation to feel complete, accepted, or loved. Towards the outer world, you become less judgmental and conditional. All of a sudden, you start attracting like-minded people without any extra effort because now it’s fun being around you.

14. It boosts your creativity

Do you know that feeling when you seem stuck in the same old pattern? You feel paralyzed, and nothing seems to progress, even when you have a great new idea. You get super-excited, you take the first step, but then…nothing… You enroll in another training or read more books because you think it’s your missing knowledge what keeps you from moving on. And then the whole process repeats so that you finally give up.

Does this sound familiar to you? You are certainly not alone, because we all face the same challenge when it comes to creativity: To successfully execute on our ideas we need to change, and changing is hard. But why is that?

When we are trying to change, we usually decide to change physically and not energetically. Physical changes are slow and effortful because you often take actions against your pattern, which feels unnatural to you.

Changing on the energy level is much faster and easier because it takes place in alignment with your patterns. And if it becomes necessary to change some of your old habits and to create new ones to make the change happen, you instinctively know how to do it. You don’t get stuck in an endless trial-and-error struggle or wasted accountability efforts. Rather your body, mind, and spirit are working in synchronicity and allow you to unfold your full creative potential.

But it goes even much deeper. When you are guided by your energy in your creative process, all the old obstacles and problems are turning into useful milestones helping you to progress faster and grow further. You begin to see that there actually is no such thing as bad circumstances you have to make the best out of. Everything that happened in the past, and will occur in the future is ultimately in your favor. This awareness is profoundly liberating and forms the foundation for true creatorship because now you start to create your life based on your desires and principles.

15. It helps to overcome anxiety

Do you think playing it safe is the best way to get over anxiety? I don’t. Actually, I think that anxiety and our desire to be safe are two sides of the same coin. Let me explain.

A lot of what we have already covered in the sections about stress and loneliness also refers to anxiety. We try to overcome our pain, in this case, the pain caused by anxiety, by referencing the outer world. But instead of finding relief and feeling more comfortable and safe, our externally focused mind fearfully scans the environment for threats. As a consequence, instead of experiencing real safety from which we could act with confidence, we only “play it safe”. We stay on the sideline. We are downright paralyzed by our anxiety, or we perform on an excessive form of perfectionism because we are afraid of doing it wrong. From this position, powerful decision making is impossible because our thinking is dominated by a deep inner fear of not being good enough.

If things then don’t work out the way we want or if something happens what we can’t process, we feel overwhelmed, upset, or downright terrified. Our reaction is rejection and avoidance, always anxious not to get into any challenging situation again. The result is that we limit what we are willing to try because “safety” becomes our first priority. We live a life much smaller than our potential. Or even worse, we start to dislike our life in general because we believe nothing works in our favor and that everything seems to get worse.

I know it is a pretty dark picture I am putting up here. But if we’re honest with ourselves, every one of us feels like this from time to time. And what happens in those moments in our body? When we’re anxious or frightened, our mind slips into the fight-flight mode, we freeze, and our energy no longer flows. We respond with avoidance and rejection, which creates energetic densities within our energy field. These densities create stuckness and dysfunction on the physical, emotional, and mental level, which often leads to more pain or even diseases.

When doing energy healing, you put your attention on these obstructing spots and learn how to clear them out of your energy field. Once that’s accomplished, your distorted energy gets realigned back into its natural dynamic flow. This is when you really feel safe. You suddenly know that everything is going to work out for you. There is no external referencing required. Instead, it’s your internal aligned energy and synchronicity, which makes you feel strong and secure.

16. It shows you how to get over feeling overwhelmed

We all know the feeling of being overwhelmed by responsibilities, expectations, and lack of time. We are immersed in relationship issues, family problems, illness, financial insecurity, or a demanding job. Or we may even feel that doing something we like such as pursuing a hobby or going on a vacation is just too exhaustive right now.

Feeling overwhelmed is so debilitating because it is based on the firm belief that our life experiences are too challenging to manage and overcome. When you’re overwhelmed, everything becomes effortful. You get submerged by negative thoughts and emotions like anger, fear, guilt, or self-doubt to the point where you can’t think and act rationally anymore. Not to mention the lack of joy in your life.

It almost seems that feeling overwhelmed is a natural part of our life. But does is it really need to be like this?

Energy healing shows us that there is an alternative way to deal with difficult situations, no matter whether these are minor daily problems or significant challenges like going through a relationship breakup, losing a loved one, or having a severe illness. It teaches you how to establish healthy personal boundaries so that you get back your seniority and self-confidence. Instead of becoming other people’s dramas or getting caught in problems or world issues which are beyond your control, you learn to master your space.

That’s why working with your energy is a real game-changer: Your energy lights your way so that you can create your story and make your own rules. You feel no longer in a hurry and choose the right opportunity at the right time. You can truly trust the timing of your life.

17. It brings joy into your life, and it’s fun

When we think of healing, most of us are inevitably reminded of suffering and pain. Even more so, we live on the no-pain-no-gain paradigm: we believe the only way to perceive joy is by experiencing the contrast of pain.

The most essential ingredient to success and happinessAnd as long as we operate on a level of consciousness where we believe something is wrong with us, the path to healing ourselves is indeed strenuous and exhaustive. We spend all our effort trying to find out what’s missing. As soon as we diagnose the problem, we get busy treating it or start developing coping skills in the hope that things will get better. However, all we’re finally confronted with is exhaustion, suffering, and lack of joy.

Can this be different when you engage yourself in energy healing? Yes, and here is why: As energy healing doesn’t focus on what is “right” or “wrong”, your attention gets drawn away from what’s missing on to what’s working for your individual condition. This shift is so profound that it turns your healing struggle into a real healing experience. You are beginning a journey in which you can detach yourself from self-blame and placing your ability to be happy on external conditions.

As a result, your mind clams down, and you gain the freedom to explore different ways how to sense your energy. You start recognizing where your energy is blocked and what causes confusion and pain. Then you start noticing that the more integrated and unified your energy becomes, the more powerful and joyful you will be. You can even create your own perfect healing practices in your own pace, or you can practice with family and friends and have fun together.

The second aspect is that when you work with your energy, your healing progress is intuitive. Instead of listening to your judging mind, you let go of control and just to follow your intuition. This is a lot less stressful. Rather than being agitated and full of unreleased energy, you become playful and more neutral. This doesn’t mean resignation! In fact, it is a sign of real strength since you are willing to take the healing process into your own hands. This new approach changes how you relate to your body, and to your life in general because you gain access to your real qualities, such as courage, compassion, love, creativity, acceptance, and joy.

Bottom line

Energy healing is not merely about healing or fixing something that is not working in your life. It is rather a life-changing journey which allows you to take a radically different approach towards your challenges.

Instead of perceiving your condition as a struggle, you discover that it is actually a powerful key to true personal transformation. You will experience that working with your energy will take you from confusion, exhaustion, pain, and frustration to empowerment, clarity, wellness, and happiness.

So why don’t you get started today? All that’s required from you is an open mind because energy healing is not about believing in it but experiencing it. Once started, you will be surprised how powerful energy healing can be. Remember, your system was designed to heal. With your energy, you truly can move mountains and create wellbeing in every area of your life.

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  1. Thanks for telling me that one of the benefits of energy healing is it would help you change your perception and make you feel less lonely. It would tell you that all you need to have a happy and fulfilling life is right inside of you. My sister has been depressed ever since her husband died a few months ago. I’ll suggest that she tries energy healing so she would feel less lonely.

  2. I like that you mentioned how energy healing could help you connect your mind, body, and spirit in a way so that sleep would come back naturally. I think my health has been pretty poor lately and I am currently trying to find ways how I could improve it. Intuitive energy healing sounds pretty interesting, so maybe I should try it out.

  3. I find it interesting that energy healing can treat illnesses like insomnia or body pain. My friend is looking for a way to help his uncle overcome his daily back pain. I think he should suggest that he enroll in a healing school that teaches energy healing for embodiment!

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