Discover the Easiest Self-Healing Technique for Insomnia

How to self-healing insomnia (1)Imagine waking up each morning well-rested with boundless energy the moment you get out of your bed. Instead of feeling still tired and exhausted, you feel light, relaxed, and refreshed during the whole day; instead of being afraid of all the challenges lying ahead of you, you are looking forward to all the things you want to do and achieve. And when you go to bed at night, you are feeling calm and grateful for all the great things you were able to experience and complete during the day.

Sounds too good to be true? I can tell you there is a shockingly simple but highly effective way to get there, which I will teach you in this article. It is so simple and takes only a few minutes so that you can try it out just know while you’re reading and then tonight while you’re awake. Not only did this method help me fall asleep quickly, but it also caused me to sleep so deeply as I have not done in a long time.

What is the #1 reason for sleeplessness?

First, I want to give you a bit of background information so that you can understand why this method is so effective.

When I ask people why they can’t sleep at night, most people answer that’s because they can’t stop their mind from worrying. They’d lay awake in bed, thinking about the same things over and over and getting stuck in a “no- solutions-loop”. Or they’d wake up obsessing about their future, blaming themselves for past mistakes and focusing on negative or distressing thoughts or feelings.

Here are some of the typical ruminating thoughts and questions which might also be familiar to you:

  • Should I get a better relationship?
  • How to finally fall in love with the right person?
  • How to meet more interesting people and make friends?
  • I hate my job, is it time to changing your career?
  • If I just had more money…
  • How to lose weight?

Why all these things are indeed important factors in your life, the truth is that even finding a solution to them will neither calm the anxiety that drives your ruminations at night on the long run nor will they give you that deep sense of fulfillment and joy you are looking for.

Why is that? Because these things are all externally oriented while the key to your happiness, satisfaction, and to the ability to calm down and get a good night’s sleep lies within you. And there is only one thing you need to know to reveal this truth: You need to get out of your mind into your body!

Why our logic rational mind is unhelpful

It may sound counterintuitive, but when it comes to happiness and fulfillment in life, your overthinking, rational mind can be more harmful than beneficial to you. Because your mind will treat these crucial questions in your life as a problem to which it needs to find a solution because that is what it is trained to do.

We all do this, we live in a society which is obsessed with the thought on how to overcome challenges or obstacles in our lives. We tend to believe that when we approach our lives in a rational, problem-solving way that we are going to become happier. However, the truth is that in most cases, we only keep on ruminating over a thought or a problem without completion. And this creates even more dissatisfaction, and we end up more stressed and overwhelmed.

What are you ruminating about?

Let’s look at your life. Think about an area in your life which you want to improve. It could be that you want to change your job because you don’t like it, but you need the salary; or that you are living in an unhappy relationship. Another area could be your family and your worries about your children or your aging parents. Pick one that is most relevant to you right now. When you’re thinking about this aspect in your life, what is going through your head? Is it something like

  • What should I do now?
  • Should I do it this way or that way?
  • What if I don’t act now but wait until later?
  • If I wait, will it be too late?
  • What if it doesn’t work out?
  • What if all falls apart?

Your head may be filled with one single thought that just keep repeating… and repeating … and repeating. In hoping to find a solution, you may ask some friends what they think, or you start searching the internet or reading articles and books.

Why we need to stop “doing” and “second-guessing”

an easy way to self-healing for insomnia (1)However, all this “doing” and “second-guessing” just leaves you with conflicting advice and leads to more confusion and frustration. And when you finally make a decision, you keep questioning yourself with “What if I’m wrong?”, “What if I fail?” and “What will the people think?”. Or even worse, you feel inadequate or worthless, not being able to manage your life.

This is how our problem-solving mind works, and we can’t blame it for that. Our mind wants to protect us and is continuously seeking out for potential dangers; also in cases, when we’re not facing any life-threatening situation at all.

But this behavior is the reason why it is very easy for us to end up in a negative feedback loop. You may agree that being in that negative state of mind is not a sound basis for getting some restful sleep, not to mention finding an answer to the question of how you can be happier.

Your focus on your mind brings up more questions

Instead, your response drains your energy and leaves you exhausted and fatigued. The intense focus on your mind only brings up more questions and dilemmas. Instead of solving your problem, you get stuck, stuck in worry, and analysis about what to do and how to do it. As a consequence, you may suffer from tension, pain, fatigue, and sleeplessness. During the day, you may start to mindlessly snack on junk food or rely on caffeine, pills, and portions to push you through the day.

You continuously fight some new pain and have difficulties in keeping your head above the water to stay focused and clear. Your body struggles to keep up with all the stress and lack of sleep. Trying to catch up on sleep over the weekends is also no solution, it only amplifies your sleeplessness during the week.

Despite doing everything that you were told to do to be happy and successful, you just end up being irritated and disillusioned, lacking the enthusiasm about your life.

However, inside of you, you feel that something is missing. And it is true – life is not supposed to feel like a constant struggle! Your life shouldn’t work against you; instead, it should work for you. You deserve to live effortless in the flow. The 100-million-dollar-question is how do you get into that state of flow?

Everything is energy

What does flow really mean? To put it simply, flow is energy like everything else, including your body. Like all the things you can see and touch your body is just a concentrated form of energy. Ans it is this energy that powers your body and normally flows smoothly and unobstructed. Energy is the motivating force that drives everything. Therefore, your identity, your consciousness, your thoughts are energy too.

The fact that energy is behind everything – not only the physical but also the non-physical world, might be a little confusing for you at the beginning. That you can change the energy in your physical world, in everything you can see and touch, seems more obvious.

However, the truth is you can shift the energy of the non-physical space too – and the outcome is mostly much more effective. Yes, you might need a little practice to sense the energy in your body, which is necessary to be able to change it.

To do that it is important to get into your body and to listen to it. There are some simple techniques which you can easily apply. Once you have mastered these techniques, it is actually the non-physical part where change can happen much faster than in the physical world.

Why you need to become more present in your body

It is really your mind which thinks there is pain and we have to struggle.
Once you shift your awareness and become more present in your body, your energy becomes coherent, and you start clearing the pain and confusion in your life. Once that’s cleared away, you are in your natural state which is a state of coherence and flow. And that is by the way also’ embodiment’ which everyone seems talking about these days. Your awareness goes up, you feel happier, more confident, and empowered. When things are in sync, everything becomes super organized and clear. You know exactly what to do, no second-guessing anymore because you can tap into your intuition.

With time you gain more and more experience in tapping into your intuition, and when you find a space of non-coherency, you know what to do to heal it and to make it coherent again. After you went through that process a few times, you don’t really worry about problems so much anymore because when they arise, you know how to take care of them.

And the best thing: when you’re more coherent, your body starts to heal by itself; healing becomes an automated process, quasi a by-product of your coherency. That is the reason why you don’t need to address a condition like insomnia specifically; your sleeplessness will stop once you reach the state of coherency.

The best healer for you is – YOU!

Another benefit is that by changing your energy, you move into a positive feedback loop so that not only you but people around you start to change too. In short, if you work on you, the world and others will get the benefits also because although we have individual physical bodies, energetically we are all deeply connected.

This healing process is really a DIY project because you’re the one who is doing the healing for you. You really do not need anybody else or any external support to heal your pain. Of course you can and should ask for help in cases you really want to, e.g., from a trained healer or a good friend; however, keep in mind that changing our energy is an ability which resides inside all of us. Once you get comfortable with the how-to, you can do it again and again.

Why can’t we feel our energy?

Now, what do you think is the #1 reason why you can’t sense energy? I will tell you, it is this one and only thing: that you are not present in your body. If you are not in your body, it is very difficult to sense energy. And you keep on looking for the answers outside of you, while they are always, always inside your body.

The good news is that being in the body is nothing really new to us. There are many examples when you are present in the body, e.g., when you’re really engaged in something, like a deep conversation, doing your favorite sport, reading a book, making love, doing yoga, hiking, or being engaged in whatever motivates you. Because being motivated means that you are in your body.

So, if we know how to do it, the question is, why aren’t we doing it all the time? In other words: Why is healing necessary?

What are your emotional and physical blockages?

Fast and simple self-healing for insomnia (1)The reason is that if you don’t feel that flow of energy, then it’s because something is blocking it. We all holding some pain from previous experiences, and we store that into our energy body. And this is often recurring negative thoughts, and limiting believes based on past traumas, fear, and wrong education. It means that you have assumptions or perceptions about yourself and about the way the world works which are not serving you. And this is what blocks your energy flow and makes you feel either tired during the day or prevents you from falling or staying asleep at night.

Blockages don’t only prevent you from tapping into your vitality, but they also prevent you from solving your problems. Because you lose your capacity to listen to your intuition; the things you know in your gut, your inherent wisdom what’s right or wrong for you. That is also the reason why you may seem always to get involved in relationships that aren’t right, or why you may pursue a career that isn’t as fulfilling as you had hoped.

If the energy can flow unhindered inside of you, you know in your gut what you should do. You have an intuitive sense about the quality of the people who show up in your life. You also free up the energy that is now being spent on all the unhelpful things, the problem-solving and worrying.

How to get out of your head into your body

So what’s the solution? The solution is that you need to stop getting wrapped up in your thoughts and being disconnected from your body. Instead, you need to learn how to get out of your head into your body to integrate your body, mind, and spirit. If you manage to do that, you’ll no longer need to worry, feel afraid of the future or regretful of the past. You stop wasting energy because you bypass the thinking of the mind, with its dramas and suffering, and move directly to the source of the problem and solution.

The simplest and most effective way to get into your body, or in other words to be present in your body is by focusing on your breath. Your breath is the energy that powers your body and heals it, provided that it flows smoothly and unhindered from the top of our head, back down to the earth, and around again.

With the following simple breathing exercise, which I discovered in one of Dr. Sue Morter’s videos, you will get rid of any potential blockages and power up your healing energy. This will help you not only to get back to sleep any time you want, but it will also support your healing during the night so that you don’t struggle with the same things that you have been struggling with all day long.

How does the central channel breath work?

First, you need to place our attention on the central energy channel in the core of your body. This channel runs from the top of your head through the soft spot when you’re born, right down through the center of the brain, through the center of the throat, through the center of the chest; then it comes down through the center of the belly and down through the pelvis and finally drops straight into the earth.

Second, you want to breathe all along this channel while imagining that you’re moving energy up and down through it. You start above your head, and you breathe right through the center of the brain, then through the throat, then right into the heart and into the belly.

This is important, it needs to be a belly-breath and not a chest breath (breathing in the chest would activate a fight-flight-or-fright response, and that’s precisely what you don’t want!). It means that your belly expands with every in-breath and then you exhale down through the central channel into the earth.

Third, now it goes the other way round: You take a deep breath coming up from the earth into your belly, and you exhale through the central channel all the way through the top of your head.

This central channel breath will give you an immediate sense of deep groundedness and strength; you will feel calm and secure, and most importantly you direct your attention away from your mind right into the core of your body.

How to do the Mula Bandha?

But wait, we are not ready yet! Once you get used to this up and down, down and up channel breath technique, there is one more thing you can do to ground yourself even stronger. And that is to contract the muscles at the base of your pelvic bowl while you are doing the central channel breathing. You may know this as Kegel exercises where you squeeze and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which support the uterus, bladder, small intestine, and rectum.

Or if you are familiar with chakras, this is called Mula Bandha of your root chakra. The root chakra is the gateway through which we connect with the earth—and fully exist and participate in this physical world. Mula means “root” and Bandha means “lock.” Mula Bandha is the “root lock” which is similar to the squeeze-and-hold concept of the Kegel.

You will experience an immediate energy shift, where you focus your awareness on the base of your spine. This shift helps to balance your nervous system and to calm you down and to relax. And as a side effect, strengthening the pelvic floor slows down the aging process.

Practice, practice, practice

At first, I might be a bit difficult for you to do both at the same time: breathing through your central channel and squeezing your pelvic floor muscles, especially since you are supposed not to fully release the muscles while you are breathing but keep them compressed. Just do it as best as you can. With time and practice, it will become more natural.

Practice as often as you can during the day as well as at night before you sleep or when you can’t sleep. You only need a few moments, and you can do it anywhere – at your desk, in your car, while waiting in line in the supermarket or of course in your bed. If you do the exercise in the middle of the night while being awake, it will not only help you to get back to sleep but also leaves you more energized in the morning after a full night’s restful sleep. I guarantee you, this combination of breathing and muscle squeezing is such a simple yet highly effective self-healing exercise for all who have sleeping difficulties.


Discover a simple self-healing technique for insomnia (1)I understand if this energy healing stuff sounds all a bit too woo-woo to you because that is exactly how I felt when I first heard about it. The good news is that you don’t even really need to believe in it. All I am asking you is to have an open mind and to give it a try. There is nothing to lose, and it is definitely not dangerous! On the contrary, I guarantee you it will have a positive impact on you. Maybe not at the first time (although many people felt immediate relief and slept like a rock after having done the exercise only once for a few minutes) but with time and practice you will see positive results and your sleep will improve, that’s for sure!

However, if you decide not to take action to heal yourself, most likely, you will stay stuck in the same patterns. You will keep searching for your answers and never find a solution and never clear your confusion. You will not be able to tune into your intuition and keep on guessing instead of making conscious choices.

That’s why don’t delay things and start practicing and creating healthy habits. This will ensure that you get systematically from pain and confusion to awareness, coherency, and flow resulting in abundance, joy, happiness, love, health – and great sleep!

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