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My name is Marie Link and I am the founder of goodsleepanywhere.com and the creator of The DIY Insomnia Cure.

My mission is to help you to make sleep a priority in your life to overcome stress and sleep problems such as insomnia and to be able to live a more relaxed and happier life.

After my own chronic insomnia experience and successful recovery, I decided to teach the exact tools that helped me to overcome insomnia to anyone who is struggling with sleep and created The DIY Insomnia Cure.

I believe that all of us are capable of having a good night’s sleep – no matter our circumstance. And I am here to help you achieve this.

Marie Link

Do You Want to Return to Normal, Restful Sleep FAST?

Are you trapped in a vicious cycle of poor sleep, lack or energy, daytime tiredness, frustration and again poor sleep?

  • You have been trying to get rid of your sleeplessness and followed every insomnia advice you can think of. 
  • You have already poured money in all sorts of pills and potions, bought a new mattress, and installed blackout blinds in your bedroom.
  • You are you familiar with every sleep ritual from aromatherapy and hot drinks to warm baths and cool down periods before bed.
  • You have started to go to bed either earlier or later hoping to find out when the ideal bedtime is for you.
  • You have also made various attempts to either exhaust your body through exercise or to find rest with the help of relaxation techniques such as yoga.
  • You never forget to put on eyeshade, ear plugs, or any other sleep devices you may need.
  • Not to mention the effects on your diet: coffee, alcohol, and sweets are of course severely restricted.

You have suffered from insomnia quite some time and have tried pretty much everything imaginable, but still, you find yourself lying wide awake in bed all night.

Or the sleeplessness is still new to you, and you're confused why you lie awake feeling wired and tired after you collapsed into bed after a long day.

If so, you're in the right place. Your battle with insomnia will soon be over!

I've experienced the horror of chronic insomnia

f you have problems sleeping, then all you want is desperately to get back to restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. Yes, insomnia is a sleep disorder. But what people who haven't experienced it don't know is how it affects every part of your life - how insomnia even can take over your entire life.

I know this because I have been there myself. I suffered from chronic insomnia for several years, and I know what you're going through. I've experienced the horror of not being able to sleep. I know how it feels being eaten by worry, fear, and even panic while lying awake in bed all night.

Practical Tips to Sleep Well In Times of a Crisis

Going from sleeping well to suddenly lying in bed wide awake and confused

When I hear and read about other people's struggles with insomnia, it still surprises me how easy it actually can go from sleeping well to suddenly lying in bed wide awake and confused. My own painful experience with sleeplessness is a perfect example of that. 

Insomnia can start in so many different ways. Still, in my case, it did not develop gradually over time, it came overnight – one sleepless night in which I was unable to switch off. That night was my first full sleepless night and the beginning of my first long bout of insomnia.

From then on for about two years, I struggled to get on average more than three to four hours of sleep a night.

Your mind is racing with worries and anxiety - and you start to panic

So after that first night, I spent another night awake, and then another, and another... Every night my mind was racing with worries and anxiety. Watching the clock, I was thinking: If I don't sleep soon, how am I going to get through the day? How am I going to survive at work?

And with each new worrying thought popping up in my mind, I could feel how my throat would tighten, my breathing would speed up, and I could hear my heart beating loudly in my ears.

So not only was I wide awake, but I also began to panic. What if I would never be able to sleep again?

The longer I lay there, the tenser I became. In the morning, after a few hours of restless sleep, I felt wrecked and exhausted. I woke up an aching neck and shoulders because I had been holding my body so still and tense all night. 

But insomnia is not just about how you sleep at night


Insomnia also about how you suffer during the day when you struggle to go to work or to participate in social activities.

I remember that I started to avoid facing people. At work, I did what I was asked to do and then left as soon as I could. When asked to go out with friends, I said things like I can't stay long because if I haven't slept well - and finally, I stopped going out altogether. 

I was really trapped in this vicious circle of poor sleep, heightened stress and anxiety, daytime tiredness, wrong coping strategies, and again poor sleep with such a profound impact on my daily life that I basically stopped living.

You feel lonely and isolated from the world of active, happy people

So I know how insomnia can affect every part of your life. But the biggest challenge is probably the profound loneliness you are experiencing when you have insomnia. You feel isolated, separated from all these active, happy people who get things done. You feel hopeless, thinking that something must be wrong with you. Maybe you're even jealous, asking yourself why can't you sleep like a normal person?

If you are struggling to sleep, the chances are that you are also more irritable. You may have trouble with your memory or concentration. This then often leads to worrying if others can see that you are struggling, or that they will even ask you if something is wrong with you. As a result, you give up activities either because you are too tired or because you worry that the activity will make it difficult for you to sleep. 

You might also already have followed lots of insomnia advice, but you still find yourself wide awake at night. You are feeling a mix of confusion, frustration, failure, and anger that keeps you even more awake. 

Insomnia is an immutable monster relentlessly yelling at you

It almost seems as if insomnia becomes your second self - a self-sabotaging ego over which you have no control. During the day, it acts as a steady diet of disapproval, making you feel weak and unworthy. 

And during the night, your sleeplessness turns into an immutable monster relentlessly yelling at you to gain the upper hand, to display its emotional tyranny over you. Yes, the screaming darkness of the night is the right stage for the star attractions of your insomnia demons. 

This is when they can easily throw their disturbing and terrifying messages at you, over and over again to keep you stuck in a distressing struggle with your unwanted thoughts, emotions, and sensations. The truth is that it's a hopeless and tiring battle, which ultimately leaves you lonely, defeated and depressed.

How to calm your racing mind at night

I can feel your pain and I'm here to help you

I know that when you deep in the hole of insomnia, it's tough to see a way out on your own. Your life seems out of control. You feel overwhelmed by fears and worries, experience physical and emotional suffering, and perhaps frustration with traditional treatment approaches for insomnia that often bring more problems than solving them and may even worsen your sleep.

I can feel your pain because I have been there myself. And because I have suffered so much myself, I want nothing more than to help you.

And here's the thing: after many unsuccessful attempts, I was finally able to self-heal my insomnia. I discovered the most powerful techniques that I know of that helped me and many other people to cure chronic insomnia for good.

And I know if I could do it then you can do it too.

This is why I want to give my self-healing knowledge to you so that you too soon will be able to sleep perfectly every night.

My new eBook is out now!!!

The DIY Insomnia Cure E-BOOK

A Proven 4-Pillow System to Return to Natural Sleep Fast Without Drugs
  • The DIY Insomnia Cure is an eBook for anyone who struggles with sleep, whether you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or wake up too early.
  • In The DIY Insomnia Cure, I teach you the most effective self-healing techniques that enable you to heal your insomnia fast.
  • Get the The DIY Insomnia Cure eBook today and learn to stop struggling with your sleep - no matter whether you've had insomnia for 2 weeks or 20 years!
Private Online Sleep Coaching

End Your Insomnia Struggle Now And Start Sleeping Well Every Night

Marie Link

Whatever the cause of your sleep problems is, I will give you the best strategies and mental exercises to improve how you approach your insomnia.


You will learn to use the right tools which enable you to get out of the vicious cycle of always fighting and amplifying your sleeplessness and remaining trapped in the whirlwind of your thoughts.

You will learn simple, easy to follow practices that will put your racing mind at rest so that soon you will begin to enjoy to sleep effortlessly on a regular basis.

With my guidance, you will learn how to handle all the unhelpful thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and urges that appear in your mind and body when you cannot sleep. This will immediately help you to relieve worry and anxiety, these "mental threats" that keep you stuck in your insomnia. 

So the information I'm giving you is not not a fluffy explanation of why sleep is so crucial and what insomnia is all about. If you can't sleep, then you know how crucial sleep is.

Instead, the knowledge I am sharing with you is coming from a deep place, my own experience with insomnia, and that's why it's so powerful and effective.

You will get actionable techniques that enable you to heal your insomnia fast. This is what happened to me and many others, and I am convinced that no matter how bad your problem is, you can heal too.

the diy insomnia cure online course

The Proven 4-Pillow-System To Self-Heal Insomnia Fast

The DIY Insomnia Cure is an online video course for anyone who struggles with sleep, whether you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or you wake up too early.

It teaches you the most effective self-healing techniques to get you back to natural healthy sleep fast. If you follow the exact steps presented in this program, you will finally escape the vicious cycle of insomnia - no matter whether you've had your insomnia for 2 weeks or 20 years. 

As soon as you enroll in the The DIY Insomnia Cure coursework you will get immediate life-time access to all 35 video lessons and the related downloadable material.

The order of the topics covered in the respective videos has been purposefully chosen. Most of the video lectures in this training are bite-sized, and fall, on average, between 5 and 15 minutes in length. You can watch the videos as often as you want.

I each video, I will guide you through all the necessary information on how to approach your sleeplessness in a way that immediately relieves worry and anxiety. 

Also, I will teach you the exact implementation steps of various self-healing practices so that you're able to practice those techniques right away by yourself to end your insomnia battle.

Here’s what people are saying about working with me


I had insomnia for over a decade and I thought I was a lost cause...
But then I thought I'll give it a try.

And what can I say, you can tell that this is coming from someone who has experienced insomnia. Already after a few weeks using the DIY techniques, I started to fall asleep within minutes - something that hasn't happened to me in years! And now when I wake up during the night, no restless tossing and turning; instead, I know exactly what to do to fall back to sleep quickly. 

Really, if I can sleep now, I think anybody can. Just sign up!

Dan B. from Macon, Georgia 


This course has literally changed my life. I was very discouraged and struggling before signing up. I've already tried so many things just to get a few hours of sleep.

So I was a bit skeptical at first if the self-healing approach really works, but I gave it a shot, and I can honestly say that it helped me tremendously to overcome my sleep problems. This is a completely new approach to deal with insomnia and to cope with worries and anxiety. I was finally able to get my racing mind out of the way and could SLEEP! It's CRAZY the lies your mind is telling you, and it is even more amazing when you can mentally take control back over those lies! I feel like a completely different person.

Julie S. from Springfield, Ohio


I truly recommend the DIY Insomnia Cure to anyone who is struggling with their sleep. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect when I enrolled in the program, but a friend recommended it to me. After the loss of my husband, I really had trouble sleeping and got no more than 3 hours of sleep per night.

And I must say it was totally worth it! The practices are super easy but sooo effective! Not only do I sleep better than ever before, but I also feel like I've gained my life back, my confidence, my energy, and above all my happiness! Thank you, what a life-changing experience!

Theresa M. from New York

Take Action and Stop Your Insomnia Struggle Today

So this is about taking action. Don't put this off any longer. If you think it's not the right time because you have a lot of stress at the moment, then please think again. If you are really honest with yourself, there will never be a perfect time to start a new program, and delaying things further will most likely worsen your situation.

It's time to make a decision now about how you want to continue with your insomnia. You can go on as you have been trying to control your sleep problem with unhelpful coping strategies, or even avoid treating it at all, and silently accept all the harmful effects that insomnia has on your health and life. Or you can choose to act and empower yourself to return to natural, refreshing sleep and lead a life full of joy, vitality, and energy.

So again, don't put it off any longer. You have a much better, more balanced, and more fulfilling life just waiting for you once you start applying the techniques of this program. 

So if you don't sleep the way you want to, if you have insomnia and feel trapped in a vicious cycle of sleeplessness, tiredness, frustration, anxiety, and anger and you finally want to turn your back on this life, then I will provide you with the exact tools you need to make that happen. 

Private Sleep Coaching

Contact Me to Book Your Private Sleep Coaching and Get Firts-Hand Guidance On How to Return to Restful Sleep Fast


Immediate Access to All Videos and

Course Material of the Popular Online Sleep Program

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

My 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee lasts 30 days from the date you booked your private coaching or enrolled in the course. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with my work, simply send me an email and I will return you 100% of your money back - no questions asked!


I tried so many things to improve my sleep like taking sleeping pills and drinking alcohol (in both cases including some terrible hangovers next morning), playing video games or watching videos all night; I had also started listening to binaural beats, but nothing really worked. I was hoping to distract my mind with these things, but it just kept on racing.

In the DIY Insomnia Cure course, I learned that relying on all these external coping strategies and trying to control my sleep is not a long-term solution to calm my mind. Instead, what is required is to turn inward and to approach your wakefulness with acceptance.

This is unlikely anything I've tried before, but I must say it works; it really puts your mind at rest, and after a while, you start to sleep. Even though I still have the odd night of bad sleep, I usually sleep through now and feel rested in the morning. 

The techniques you get with this course are really priceless for anyone who has trouble falling asleep!

Nils G. from Stockholm, Sweden


I have always been a worrier, and honestly, I was already resigned to the fact that I'll never sleep well. But I came to a point where I was so tired during the day that there was nothing more I could do, neither at work nor in my private life.

That's why I started DIY Insomnia Cure. I thought this is just the right format for me because I can do it comfortably from home. I have only just started and obviously I still have a journey in front of me, and I’m okay with that. But I can already feel what great impact the things that I learned so far have on my sleep and day to day stresses. One thing I noticed is that there is already a big difference in my energy levels.

And I realized that I had totally lost my trust in my ability to fall asleep quickly. But now I am learning how to deal with my worries in a way that helps me at night but also how to approach the constant stress in my life. And if I get lost on the way, I just revisit some of the videos to remind me of the correct steps to take at night and during the day.

Thank you very much. It is a great experience for me!

Ye-Eun K. from Daegu, South Korea

Marie Link

I will be your guide. You are not alone.

Step-by-step, I will guide you through your healing journey. My job is to provide you with the right tools. I guarantee you by systematically using these tools, you will immediately benefit from your own healing power, and you will be able to self-heal your insomnia.

And I am excited to be with you on this journey. Either through my private online coaching or The DIY Insomnia Cure online course, I will gently guide you on every step on your way back to great sleep.

So if you are ready to go on this journey with me, let’s take the first step and get in touch with me or join me in the The DIY Insomnis Cure program! 

Marie Link